Four Corners of the US

Did you know that the United States has four clearly marked corners? There is the northernmost point, the southernmost point, the easternmost point and the westernmost point. These are the Four Corners of the US. Here's a map - can you guess where they are?

In January 1998 we decided to hit the corners of the Contiguous (48 states) United States. We hit the southern tip in Key West in January. Next, we visited the eastern tip in Lubec, Maine in July. Third, we discovered the western tip in Washington State in September. Finally, in October after a business trip, we headed north to snag the one in Minnesota. All four in one year!

North: Northwest Angle, MN

West: Cape Flattery, WA

Center 45d: Perry, ME

East: Lubec, ME

South: Key West, FL

We have been to the southernmost point in the entire United States (all 50 states) - that is at the bottom of the Big Island of Hawaii in the island chain of Hawaii. See photos of this on our Hawaii Trip and Photos pages.

For the actual westernmost, easternmost and northernmost points in the entire US, you have to go to Alaska. That's because the island chain that stretches to the "left" of Alaska crosses the international East-West line.

The very center of the contiguous US just north of Lebanon, Kansas!!

The center of all 50 states is 17 miles west of Castle Rock, South Dakota.

Rugby ND is the center of the North American Continent.

There is an actual location known as the "four corners" in the US - where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet. It's the only place where four states meet exactly at a point. There's a cool medallion there and everything! We went there as a great trip to visit Native American locations for a book I was researching. Learn more in our Four Corners Travelogue

Someone wrote me to say that the Northeastern town in the United States is Madawaska, Maine. Madawska is located as you might imagine in the top right corner of Maine. Madawska is NOT the easternmost point in Maine - Lubec is. Madawska is not even the northernmost point in Maine. There is a "chunk" of Maine further west which is more northern. And that's not even the northernmost area in the US - Minnesota is more north than all of Maine is. So what exactly is Madawska's claim? That in some sort of diagonal direction it points the most northeast even though it's not the furthest east or north even in its own state? I find this claim a little suspicious :)

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