Big Tag for Luggage

No matter what luggage I'm bringing with me, I always put a Big Tag on it. I've been on so many trips where people have commented how easy it is to spot my luggage because of these tags on them. Mine are spotted from far off, when other people are seeking out their bags amongst the hundreds of similar tags.

Big Tag for Luggage Note that I don't actually write my personal information on the back of the tag. I like to keep my information more private, and keep my information in a sealed tag on the outside. I also put my business card inside the luggage in case the tag gets ripped off completely. This big tag is solely for spotting the bag, identifying it as mine. It's not about having my information on the bag for others :)

I've never had the big tag ripped off or torn or missing, which has definitely happened with many other tags I use. So this is a great, sturdy identification piece that is very helpful on all of your bags.

Highly recommended!

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