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When we were heading off to Hawaii, I did a lot of research on places to go and things to see. One of the coolest things you could do was to walk down an actual lava tube, where lava had gone while it was hot. Even better, the second half of the tube was not lit and most people didn't go there. You could be pretty much completely by yourself, as long as you had a flashlight with you.

Inova Flashlight I already kept this iNova flashlight in my car glove compartment. It fit nicely in the space and it is VERY bright. The battery lasts a long time. The LED lights are super!

So we got it and brought it along. It was PERFECT! Literally nobody else out of the giant mobs in the main lava tube area had flashlights to go into the dark section of the tube. We were in there all alone! The light was easy to carry in my purse, and lit up the tube quite nicely.

When we were coming back to the main lava tube area, many people asked us about our flashlights and the tube. So if we had been carrying multiple of these things, we could easily have sold them all :)

Now, this would have been great enough as it was. But later in the cruise, the ship lost power at 3:30am. The room was pitch black. We reached for the flashlight and POOF, we had great light in the room! I kept the flashlight by the side of my bed until the power came back on. It was very convenient.

So just on one trip alone, this flashlight was extremely helpful. It's small, it's easy to carry, and I really think it's a must carry on any trip you take! Never mind to have one in your car, for emergencies there.

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