Samsonite Cruisliner Suit Bag

When we go on cruises, I like to bring formal dresses. I work at home in my pajamas or sweats, and it is SO nice to get a special chance to dress up nicely for dinner and meeting other cruisers. However, it was such a royal pain to lug along the big suit bag to carry the dresses in! I was thrilled when I finally found this Cruisliner Supra 5 series apparel bag from Samsonite.

Samsonite Cruisliner Suit Bag

First, the bag has wheels. Now admittedly it only has two wheels and is NOT a spinner. However, we looked at numerous spinning garment bags before choosing this one. None were big enough to hold a formal dress. This one was nicely sized to hold the dresses plus had two wheels.

It was plenty big to hold three long, formal dresses plus numerous shirts for my boyfriend. There were additional pockets and sealed areas inside for other items. In fact, we fit a full bottle of port (in a neoprene sheath) in one of the sealed plastic pockets. Talk about great double duty! We often bring wine on our cruises, paying the corkage fee so that we can bring on the wines we want to drink.

There was plenty of extra space to bring on a fluffy bathrobe and other items as well tucked into the corner here. Because it rolls, it's really not a big deal and there is plenty of space.

The hanging mechanism is nice. There are two separate ones on the top plus one area on the bottom so you can layer your items. I do want to comment that you can ONLY fit wire hangers in their thin "hangar lock" area. We had thrown away all our wire hangers a while ago so we had to track some down in order to hang up our items in the bag. Keep 10 or so on hand so that you're set for using this bag.

In general, a GREAT solution for people who travel with formal clothing. It keeps your dresses and suits and shirts nice and crisp!

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