Samsonite Neon Luggage Tag

I had really high hopes for the Samsonite neon luggage tag. My Samsonite luggage is generally very sturdy, and the Big Tag I use for bag identification always stands out quite clearly. All I wanted this sealed tag to do is securely hold my personal information in case the bag got lost, so that the baggage handlers could know how to find me.

Samsonite Neon Luggage Tag We got two of these tags before we left for a trip to Hawaii for a week. First, one of them broke on the way out. The interior personal informatoin section was completely missing when we got it in Hawaii. Fair enough, we figured something freak had happened to it. But then the other one broke and vanished on the way back!! We had only taken ONE trip with this pair of tags, and neither one survived that one trip.

Now, the TAG part was still attached. It was the interior part which has the personal information which had vanished in both cases. So the strap is fine, unlike the other Samsonite luggage tag. In this case it's the interior part that was poorly designed.

Not well recommended at all. If I get a tag, it's because I want it to survive the trip. A failure rate of 2/2 on a single trip is rather bad.

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