Samsonite 4 Wheel Nylon Portfolio Overnighter

I have tried MANY carry-on bags over the years. I am just SO pleased with the Samsonite spinner carry-on bag. Let me explain the many reasons why.

Samsonite 4 Wheel Nylon Portfolio Overnighter First, this thing FITS on the plane. You can roll it down the plane aisle, whether the plane is a large or small one. I've taken it on many planes without any problem. Even tiny planes that hold 30 or so people. No matter how small the plane, you can pretty much always fit it in the overhead bin.

Also, traveling with this unit is great. It is easy to pull along behind you or roll before you. It is a spinner meaning it turns in all directions. You can kick it along. You can push it before you. You can drag it behind you. You can put your purse on top of it, loop the purse over the handle and not have to carry your purse. It is really great. I used to have a backpack, and have tried other bags. It is SO nice to not have to carry any of the weight or worry about moving it. It almost moves by itself.

Samsonite 4 Wheel Nylon Portfolio Overnighter Next, it holds a TON of stuff. It has a pocket for a laptop inside which has fit at least 3 different laptops I've owned. There is a ton of space for the power supply, ipods, files, papers, books, and much, much more. I've carried all sorts of random stuff in here, and it all fits.

Not only does it fit, but there are pockets for everything. There are pen pockets, file folders, zipped pockets, pockets within pockets, and more. The whole thing opens up and folds out so you can easily get to everything.

Samsonite 4 Wheel Nylon Portfolio Overnighter The handle stops at a variety of heights so you can adjust it to the height that works best with you. The unit is very sturdy and holds up to all sorts of abuse. I've never had any problems at all with this bag.

Highly, highly recommended.

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