Samsonite 29 Spinner Hard-sided Luggage

For long term travel, of a week or more, I have been quite pleased with my Samsonite 29 inch hard sided spinner. The one we got was bright red, which makes it VERY easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

Samsonite 29 Spinner Hard-sided Luggage First, the dimensions. This is 29" long by 21" wide and 12" deep. It has a TSA lock, which we've never used. We just close the two latches and have never had a problem with it popping open. I do admit that I want to track down the keys to start locking it, just to ensure the latches never pop open by accident. You have to press in on the latch to open it up, but I worry sometimes that it might happen by accident when a luggage handler is moving it around.

We have traveled a LOT and never had it give way or dent. We've carried wine and other fragile items in it. No problems at all. There are good pockets on the internal "central layer" that hold toiletries and other items.

The wheels on this are very nice. I *love* spinner luggage. I have literally kicked this along with my feet while my hands were busy with other items, and it rolled right along with no problems at all.

The size is perfect. I've taken this on several cruises and it tucks right underneath the bed.

The hinges are solid and metal. There's no concern about this thing springing open or zippers falling apart. If you latch it closed, it's going to stay closed.

Highly recommended!

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