Samsonite Luggage Tag

I had really high hopes for the Samsonite luggage tag. My Samsonite luggage is generally very sturdy, and the Big Tag I use for bag identification always stands out quite clearly. All I wanted this sealed tag to do is securely hold my personal information in case the bag got lost, so that the baggage handlers could know how to find me.

Samsonite Luggage Tag Unfortunately, amazingly, the bag tag broke!! The thin strap that holds the tag part to the luggage actually SNAPPED. I've not had this happen with any other bag I've used. Maybe the plastic "strap" that most bag tags use is inherently stronger? I'm not sure, but whatever they make this rope substance out of, it isn't very strong. If I lose a tag, then it's not serving its purpose.

Not well recommended - go with another tag that has a more sturdy attachment mechanism.

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