Chaney Travel Alarm Clock

First, I want to say that you should *always* have a battery-powered travel alarm clock in your luggage, with a spare battery. This is one of those basic must-haves for traveling. I have stayed at hotels which provided no clock at all. Some have a clock with no alarm. Some have a plug-in clock, and then the power goes out. Some have a really complex clock that you can't figure out how to set the alarm on! By always having one with you, you are sure that you wake up on time and keep track of your schedule.

Chaney Travel Alarm Clock There are plug-in ones, but you have the problems of converters in foreign countries, of finding an outlet that is usefully near the bed, and again of power outages. It's much better to go with a battery powered one.

I like the fold-up design of this one. When it is shut, the display and buttons are all protected. Your luggage can go through the most gorilla-like of baggage claim systems and come out unscathed.

The unit is very easy to use. A simple slider sets the alarm on or off, and you get a visual indicator when it's on. You slide another lever to set the alarm or time. There's a snooze button which also turns on the light temporarily. You can set the hour and minute separately, which is a great improvement over systems that make you cycle slowly through 23 hours to wrap around to the time you want.

Down sides? Well, it is cheap plastic - but then again that makes it really light. I really wish it was in an always-lit state for late night glancing, but that would probably drain the battery quickly. So I think in general it's a great unit for the price. I've used it for quite a while and it's always come in handy. Even the times I haven't needed it, it's been nice to know it's there in the corner of the bag in case I did.

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