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Date of Incident: 6/6/2005

After reading your story and others posted against WestGate, I just have to post mine. We visited WestGate-Smoky Mountains, Tenn. on May 29-May 31, 2005. Our vacaion had been booked since last year. When I booked the reservations, I made sure that we were to stay at the resort and not in a motel. If I wanted to stay in a hotel, I could do that close to home. When we travel on vacation, we do not stay in motels. We prefer to stay in cabins or condos. Ten days before leaving for our vacation, CIF called and wanted to confirm our reservations. Again, I made sure that we were to stay at the resort. The representative told me yes, that we would be staying at the resort and not in a motel. After arriving at the WestGate resort, I go in the office and try to check-in. The rep. informs me that I will have to go to Gatlinburg to the Welcome Center to check-in. So, we get in our car and go to Gatlingburg tot he Welcome Center there and I go in to check-in. The reps. there were very rude! They inform me that WestGate has been over-booked and we will be staying in a motel.

I get upset and tell them that I did not pay money to stay in a motel, that I was informed ten days ago that we would be staying at the resort. Why didn't the resort save us a room if they knew we were coming?? My husband gets the name of the General Mgr. at WestGate and demands on speaking with him. We again, go back to the WestGate resort and after about 30 minutes of waiting, a manager comes out and explains that we will have to stay in a motel, that they over-booked. My husband tells him that the next morning we will be back to the resort and they had better have us a room to stay in at the resort. So, that night they give us a voucher to stay at the Creekside. The welcome center tells us to go to the 8th traffic light and turn left. We do this and wind up riding aroung Gatlinburg for about three hours looking tfor the Creekside. Come to find out it is not the Creekside we are to be at, it is the Quality Inn in Gatlinburg. We finally get to the correct motel and it is filthy!

We were afraid to even take a shower there it was so bad. The sink was stained so bad, it was pure filth. Bright and earlyt he next morning, we get up and go to the WestGate resort. The receptionist tells us we can't check-in until 4:00pm. I inform her that we talked with the manager yesterday and we had better have a room available to check-into now. Finally, we get a room. We get all settled into our room and decide to leave and go out to the city for awhile. We lock up our room and the hallway door when we leave. When we return a few hours later, both doors to the hallway and our room are standing wide open!! My husband gets furious and goes down to tell teh Security Officer what happpened. The SO comes up and makes a report. Later on that night, we decide to gop out for supper, again we lock both doors. When we return both doors are open again!! At this point, we are Furious!! What is going on? This time our cell phone is missing! Again, the SO fills out a report. We had a terri ble experience at WestGate and will never return for their tour! The only few people that were actually nice was the sales rep. and the receptionist at the front desk.

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