JM gets charged late fees even when sending payments early
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Date of Incident: 1/21/2003

I found your site on the internet and just want to reiterate what you already know. Yes, I was told that Westgate would buy the unit back is we decided to sell.

Our monthly payments go to a P.O. Box. I cannot explain it, but I definitely use the grace period and allow five days for mail to arrive and be posted. WELL, even though I mail my payment on the same day each month, some months I get charged a late fee and other times it is posted in two days. I was told by a representative that the lock box is not always checked each day and mail that has arrived on time will be posted late, causing a $35.00 late fee. When I ask to talk to supervisors, I get the runaround, when I ask to talk to the financial institution, I get the runaround. Nobody seem to know who I should talk to.

I mailed my November payment in time for posting to take place without penalty. Westgate claims that they did not receive this payment until some time in December. Where did my payment sit for over 3 weeks? They changed P.O. boxes AGAIN. Why?

My payment is due on the 14th with a grace period of 9 days. Before the nine day grace period is up, Westgate calls, sometimes 3-4 times a day, to "remind" me to make my payment.

Taxes and maintenance are due on January 2? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN WESTGATE HAS TO MAKE THEIR TAX PAYMENT? So, they expect you to write out your check in the year prior to the due date? NO grace period by Westgate, but I am almost certain there is one for them to pay the taxes. I don't want to give Westgate a second more to earn interest on my money than I have to.

I wonder about the stability of this company. I was told that they were now going to a "lease" instead of "purchase" of the property, therefore not deeded anymore. Does anyone know if this is true?

I like the timeshare concept, but am not happy with Westgate. I too would like to sell, maybe someone else would find this company wonderful!

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