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Westgate Timeshare Resort Issues

Date of Incident: 1/4/1999

My husband and I bought a timeshare resort in Westgate Vacation Villas on feb.19th 1995 and we have regretted it ever since.

I have since May 1998 sent app.30 letters in order to try to sell our resort back to Westgate Resorts.It was not until we went to the press that we got a reaction from Mr. Siegel ,he sent a person down to see us us in Chile in order to settle with us.The person,director og Westgate ,Guatemala,said we would get a written offer from Mr.Siegel on dec.29th 1998.On december 24th we got a letter from Mr. Siegel saying he was very upset about our "slanderous letter" in the press and that he did not take our offenses lightly not a word about the conversation with Mr. Cienfuegos from Guatemala.

We want to return our resort because we were cajoled into buying a product that does not work as promised by the sales-people.We have had endless difficulties in interchanging,nobody seems to feel responsible for our case.

On January 16th 1999 we see ourselves obliged to go to Orlando and spend vacations just in order to try to get rid of the resort.

The story is much longer than this but let me assure you that it is a nightmare .I have spent hours after hours fighting for our rights but till now the results have been meager.

My next move will be Better Business Bureau.

Do you have any recommendations?????

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