Lisa & Bob at
The Eastern End of the US
Friday, July 17

3:00pm, Friday, July 17th. I barely finished a demo and CD install at work in time, and booked over to Banyan to get Bob. We packed the car with supplies - two sets of Gatorade bottles, 2 gallons of water, CamelBaks, grapes, peaches, power bars, you name it. A loaf of bread and PB&J. We headed up 495, evaded some minor traffic jams, detoured through Kittery, Maine, just over the border. Up along 95 just past Portland, Maine into Freeport. Freeport, land of LL Bean!! We couldn't (i.e. Bob couldn't) pass up this opportunity. We stopped and examined the stores. Neat tents and packs, but nothing we didn't have. While Bob tried on gear, I found that under the awning (by, appropriately enough, bird houses) there was a nest with two hungry baby birds in it. I watched that for a while and got an "amethyst puffin sun catcher". How could I resist! Off we went again.

We quickly passed the furthest I'd ever gone into Maine - Brunswick, where we'd gone to an air show last year. We took Route 1 for its coastal views instead of the highway up 95. What lovely little towns! Of course, scattered amongst them were monstrous tourist traps. The inlets, bridges, boats, water, all was beautiful. As evening set in, a fog rolled in as well. Around and up we wended. Soon we hit Ellsworth, "entrance to Bar Harbor". A giant mall, and then *poof* the tourism had ended. It seemed (and I'd read) that few tourists ventured north of Bar Harbor and Acadia Park. We were in moose country - land of quiet, real fishermen, no Wendys. There were lots of pines, stretches of green, barren rock and the foggy night. It reminded us a lot of Ireland, with small, windy roads, and farmland and nature.

It grew late, and we rolled into Jonesport after midnight. There was some confusion about where exactly the "Puffin House" was - we'd rented an old sea captain's 4-bedroom house for the night, and I confused the directions to the dock (which we of course found) with the house directions. We sorted it out, pulled up to the house, and marvelled at its simple beauty. Then, exhausted, we set the alarm and tumbled quickly into bed.

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