Lisa & Bob at
The Eastern End of the US
Saturday, July 17

We awoke at 5am, sun streaming into the room. Ah, it was cozy. The blankets were snuggly, the sun was warm, everything was fresh and clean smelling. We drifted back to sleep. 6:45am I awoke with a start, and realized the boat was going to leave for Puffin-Land in 15 minutes, with or without us. ARRRGGGHHHHHH! I cried out, and we quickly jumped into our clothes and raced out to the car, zipped around the few blocks to the dock. We tossed our breakfast bars, gatorade, binoculars, camera and bird book into a bag and sprinted for the dock.

Jonesport is near the eastern tip of Maine, which, being against the Bay of Fundy, has some of the highest tide differentials in the World. Inside the Bay, they *DO* have the highest tide differentials. The main dock was solid wood, maybe 10' above the water. The gangplank down to the "boat dock" the boat was tied up to was mobile - that is, the boat dock part was floating on the water, and the gangplank could move up and down. I'll try to draw a picture:

Well, anyway, you get the idea. We boarded the boat at high tide - the boat was about the height of the main deck, and the ramp down to that floating dock was about level. We didn't think about it, or about the bumpy ledges in the ramp. We climbed on, stowed our gear, and settled in. It was a nice boat - around 18 passengers on it, with a back open area and central enclosed (with big glass windows) area. Barna Norton came along, but his son drove out.

A quick note about Machias Seal Island. If you look at the US Govt web pages (very bottom), you'll see that it's a contested island! We claim it, as do the Canadians. It's a small island, just a lighthouse (manned by the Canadians) and a few bird naturalists there. Barna always wears an American Flag when he goes on - he claims it belongs to him and his family.
Barna Norton

Arctic Tern
The trip over was uneventful. The thick fog still remained - you could barely see the tons of lobster buoys we passed! It started to clear as we reached the island around 8:30. We pulled up alongside a small boat which would hold maybe 7 people. Puffins were flapping in the water and air!! They didn't fly very gracefully - flapping their wings furiously, they seemed to barely stay aloft. There were also lots of arctic terns around. We were brought ashore in 2 waves - Bob and I gathered our gear and went on the second wave.

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