Lisa & Bob at
The Eastern End of the US
Sunday, July 19

We awoke easily the next morning, finally deciding to arise around 8:30. They had no showers here, and, since we planned to hike a bit then head home, we decided to make it a showerless weekend. We were packed again in 15 minutes, and drove around to the ranger station. "Checking in and checking out!" Bob cheerily announced. We were all set, so we drove out.

Bob had to get back "home" for a 7pm band practice, so we didn't have time for huge hiking trips. We drove around to Seal Harbor, very pretty. We went through and past the bubbles, past the Jordan Pond House and other smaller mountains. We drove up Cadillac Mountain, highest mountain on the eastern seaboard at 1530 feet. Since the island's at sea level (duh) it was an amazing height. You could see all around to the various surrounding areas. There was a chickadee up there! There were two hawks we saw from far off here - one very dark, one bright white. There are now peregrine falcons with chicks here - one had just started to fly - but we didn't see them. We wandered around up here a bit, then headed down.

Next we drove west through nice dark forests and sunny skies to the western, less popular, half of the island. Things were quieter over here. Somes Sound, which divides the island, was quite pretty, as was Echo Lake in the middle of this half. We drove down to Flying Mountain and hiked up it. A relatively short hike, with some tricky bits at the end. It gave a great view of the southern areas and the sound. I did some trailblazing on the way back - we found our own path down - and then drove around past Seawall (a natural sea wall!) to the bottom of the island, and Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. This was very pretty, and we saw a common eider fishing in the water. Also, quite a few sailboats were heading out for the day.

Alas, it was now noon and my list of primary things to see had run out. We headed back up 102 to 3. This time I saw where the island ended - a very narrow area, almost a river, connecting the two bays on either side of the island. We stopped at a store for the obligatory postcards (plus a small model candy-cane-striped lighthouse and puffin glass). We saw a house sparrow at McDonalds, trying to get me a McFlurry! Then we headed straight north to Bangor. From here we took 95 straight back through Kittery ME, Portsmouth NH, and back to Auburn Mass. We had some delicious scallops and clams in Auburn, then headed home for showers and rest.

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