Sunday with Bob in Newport

I really enjoy the landscapes and scenery in Newport - the old houses, the ocean, the fishing boats. On the other hand, Newport is INCREDIBLY hard to park in and incredibly expensive. And full of lots of people who feel they're the center of the universe. So you have to take the good with the bad!

We headed down there for a boat show, and drove past the Mill on our way to find parking. This is a few blocks from the waterfront area, and has a long history. Some feel it's a viking structure from long before British settlement. Others feel it was only built in the 1600-1700 time range, as it shows up on historical records as a "stone mill". Nobody knows for sure.

I have a newspaper article about this stuck to my fridge because I think it's so neat that nobody knows even after all of this research!

The shops in Newport are often from the late 1800s, the same brick and wood and carving having survived horses and cars and walkers. The Tennis Hall of Fame is here and of course some HUGE mansions. Here are some of the shops for the Rich and Famous to visit.

This one had great detail on it.

The detail

OK, we walked down to the boat show. It was HUGE and had taken over the entire waterfront. There were even water taxis from part to part, which we had fun riding. It was a bit overcast but that just kept you from broiling. There were tons of docks everywhere to wander, with HUGE boats everywhere. Gorgeous yachts, boats with multiple guest bedrooms, boats for fishing, boats for racing, boats for cruising. It was great, great fun but also tiring to do all that constant walking and watching :)

When we were done I of course voted for an ocean-side drink. I like Christie's a lot but it's very pricey and we were in sweats. So another favorite of mine is Sabina Doyle's right next door, with the 'secret' entrance through the garage. We got a chair on the back patio and in fact Christies had a GREAT band playing that came in loud and clear. So we had the perfect quiet view, excellent music and delicious food and drinks. What an ending to a great day!

Weekend of Block Island and Newport

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