Lisa and Bob in
Memphis and Ripley Tennessee

Saturday: Cousin Warren Lee's Cottage

Lynnwood, Nancy, Bob and I actually took the long way to Warren Lee's cottage. We first drove to the Mississippi River which wasn't that far away. As we went, we passed entire areas of land that were BLANKETED with Kudzuu vine. It covered the entire ground, and went up over every single rock and tree. It was pretty scary, like an alien life form that was killing off everything in sight.

Lynnwood pointed out where the flood waters came in, with some houses up on stilts. Entire farmlands had turned into lakes sometimes. We stopped and saw a cotton gin and the equipment that other farmers were using. We drove to a boat ramp to see the Mississippi River, and he pointed out where sandbars existed now that were covered up during floods.

Nancy talked about the floods in her area, where she grew up. They also lived along a river, and she remembered her father crying once, during the depression, when his fields became swamped with water.

We headed back to the campground where Warren Lee's cottage was. It was really fascinating - all of the cottages along the little river were either up high on stilts or were built on styrofoam bases so they could float up when the river rose. The floating houses had metal guideposts so they didn't float away, and so they'd settle back down into place.

We talked for a while inside, which was beautifully furnished. Quite the retreat! When Warren Lee offered to take us out on his fishing boat. Becky, Warren Lee, Bob and I headed out on the river, while Nancy and Lynnwood headed back home to rest. These next few photos are right from the front yard of the cottage, on the river. It was really, really pretty. It was a relatively narrow river that fed into a lake.

Apparently there's all sorts of fish in this lake, and people fish and hunt ducks here. We saw a few duck blinds and a number of birds - mallards, terns, long-necked egrets and herons. We tried to get close for photos of the herons but they were a bit skittish. The photo in the header is a tree right in the middle of the lake, that Warren Lee has caught fish in!


They took off when we got in close.


The trees were just gorgeous, I took tons of pictures of them. I'll just post one though. It was fascinating how they could grow in the middle of the lake.

Soon we headed back, and hung out a short while before returning back to Nancy's house.

Back at Nancy's, we had a quick dinner that was just as delicious as lunch, and then headed back to Memphis, promising to return soon!

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