Lisa and Bob in
Memphis and Ripley Tennessee

Saturday: Back in Memphis

We were having so much fun in Ripley that we didn't leave until almost 9, meaning we didn't get back to the hotel until around 10. I guess I missed my chance to try the sushi bar there! Ah well, maybe next time. Still, part of the reason we were paying the outrageous fees of $149/night to stay near Beale Street was, of course, to SEE Beale Street. This area has the Gibson Guitar Factory, all sorts of famous Blues places, etc. Bob likes to stay at $39/night motels so I had to make sure we got at least some benefit out of this location!

So out we headed, into the wall of heat that was Memphis. The streets were crowded even by the hotel, with people of all shapes and sizes out walking. I found it fascinating that the crowd was about half white, half black. You don't usually see that kind of a blend in New England. The closer we got to Beale Street, the thicker the crowd got. Then we got to the police barracades, where they checked your ID and stamped your hand to let you in.

It was pretty amazing! Wall to wall people. Live music from just about every bar. Bars the entire length of the 3 blocks. Great music everywhere, all pretty much blues and rock. At the end of the street we found a group of old black musicians playing Hoochie Coochie Man. They were great! And this goes on non-stop every weekend, running from evening through morning. What a life!

A giant mall nearby also was open late, with lots of shops and restaurants. Just about the perfect destination for any night owl!

We only stayed out about an hour - we had an early flight in the morning. Still, it was great fun!

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