Sunday Dec 4
Carnival Wine Cruise 2005

This was our first glimpse of the Carnival Liberty. It took $10 in taxi fare to get to this spot - it took another $10 to get through the traffic to arriva at the actual dock.

OK we're finally on the ship! This is in essence the buffet area, very niced wood tables with lovely designs embedded into them.

Here's the back aft pool area, nobody was using it. The raised area in back holds 2 adult hot tubs.

The hot tubs

Bob shows off a low carb beer found on oneof the tables in this bar area.

They had nice recycling spots.

The sun was setting. Many other boats were leaving too.

Here's a cool medallion embedded into the bar top of the aft pool bar.

The sun was a rosy red, though you can't really tell it here.

The aft pool area again.

A final look out

This hallway leads from the aft pool area back to the center of the ship - the area on the left is for serving oriental food during dining hours. The opposite side of the ship has a deli in this same area.

Set 2 of Photos from Sunday Cruise

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