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A Sense of Duty - A Medieval Romance This page has spoilers in it! It describes the content of A Sense of Duty for those who want to know more about these areas. In general all of my stories are gently written - they do not contain explicit details of encounters or violence.

Intimate Relationships
The heroine, Constance, has been handfasted to an older neighbor, Barnard, for political reasons. So she does have relations with him, and two miscarriages. That all happens before the main story begins. Barnard is cruel to her, keeps her in his keep even though their hand-fasting period ends and she is legally free. He doesn't sleep with her any more and is seeing multiple mistresses instead. She's in essence a hostage because of the land she has control over.

When Gabriel returns she knows she loves him, but she maintains the charade of being with Barnard in order to keep the status quo of the soldiers protecting the vulnerable villages. She won't even kiss Gabriel. Even though she's not really even hand-fasted to Barnard any more, she waits until it is absolutely clear legally that she is free of him before she will kiss Gabriel. The novel ends with that very first kiss between her and Gabriel.

At one point in the story Barnard gets upset with her and attempts to rape her. She does not fight him in order to have it end quickly. He fails because he is "limp". That description is the extent of the physical information provided in the scene.

Later in the story, Barnard decides as he is infertile that he will have his right-hand-man sleep with Constance instead. He drugs Constance. She thinks the man is Gabriel. Even so, when he attempts to kiss her, she gets upset, and when he presses it further, she fights him off. So it's also a rape scenario, and this time she's fighting. The extent of the description here is that he's trying to slide her chemise up her legs when he is stopped.

There are several fights in the novel, but none are graphic in nature. They are described enough that the reader knows what is going on, without excessive detail.

Alcohol was the normal drink in medieval days. The alcohol sanitized the liquid and made it safe to drink. Milk was not pasteurized in these times, so even kids drank watered-down alcohol. There is alcohol present in the story, but it is always in a supporting role to the story.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the specifics of this novel.

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