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A Sense of Duty - A Medieval Romance Here are some of the reviews from fans of A Sense of Duty - a Medieval Romance.

"As with all of Lisa Shea's heroines, the protagonist in A Sense of Duty is intelligent, quick and honorable. This one stands out as being a little less swashbuckling than the others, although no less determined and selfless. She wants to do the right thing for the greater good, even if she and the man she loves get heartbroken in the process. I was actually unsure how things would turn out in the end, which in this genre is unusual!

The plotting was well paced and developed, with interesting action settings, some funny moments, and a genuine build-up of anxiety as the climax approached. The dialogue was natural; the characters were both sympathetic and flawed. Hugely enjoyable. I read this novel practically overnight. :)

Recommended highly for those who like a sweeping, smart, epic feel in their medieval romances."

-- Jill, Amazon

"I have to say it's refreshing to see a medieval romance novel that focuses on the feelings and desires without descending into the boddice-ripping action. The protagonists are loving, devoted, noble in their motivations and goals, although their way to finding one another is fraught with difficulty. In the end, true love prevails, and I was delighted to see them, finally, in one anothers' arms, free of the challenges and trials through which they'd fought their way.

I'm also moved by the fact that all proceeds from her medieval novels go to support battered women, who are all fighting their own fight for freedom and peace in their lives.

I enjoyed how the book brought to life some aspects of medieval life with which I'd been unfamiliar, which lent an air of realism to the work. I'll be reading her other works in the future, I'm sure!"

-- J., Amazon

"Lisa Shea's 'A Sense of Duty' offered a great story, without the coy or frustratingly idiotic antics I too often see in romance novels. The main character, Constance, is no shrinking violet, but instead a woman willing to give up her personal happiness for the greater good of keeping her people safe from harm.

In a world where marriage was often a business transaction, Constance needs to leave behind the love of her life. The way Lisa portrays this heroine is quite satisfying, for Constance, while not flawless, remains true to herself throughout the story and proves herself to be an intelligent, courageous soul.

I won't give away the ending - for I was glad to be wondering to the end how it might turn out - but finishing this book in the wee hours of the morning was a very nice way for me to start the New Year and speaks to Lisa's ability to hold your attention throughout the story. I also enjoyed the way she presented details in such a manner that I learned new aspects of medieval life without feeling I was being force-fed.

Further, Lisa Shea donates all proceeds from sales of these novels to battered women shelters - a noble cause indeed.

I heartily recommend this book for a broad range of readers and appreciate the attention to detail the author provides in painting this tale of life and love in medieval times."

-- Just, Amazon

"It's been many years since I've read an historical novel set in the Medieval period. But I fell right into this story and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lisa Shea has written a captivating novel with intrigue, adventure, and romance that will keep you turning pages.

Constance is a bright, strong-minded young woman who has given up everything out of duty to family and country. She has endured a loveless marriage, an impotent husband, and estrangement from family and friends, because she believes her actions intrinsic to keeping the countryside from war. Secretly in love with the man who served as her personal body guard before her marriage, she has only memories to keep her warm at night.

But when she is kidnapped and held for ransom, things begin to heat up and she learns that everything is not as it seems. Bandits are marauding, robbing, and killing innocents and she is yet another of their victims. A secret group of soldiers that call themselves the Angelus come to her rescue, but can she trust these men? No one knows for sure.

A Sense of Duty was wonderfully full of romance, humor, and touching moments. I especially enjoyed a scene where Constance and Gabriel are playing tug of war with a rope beside a pond:) The historical aspects of the novel are detailed and interesting enough to give you that sense of place and setting but not so heavy handed that they take over the story. The heroine is realistically portrayed. She isn't a wimpy girl who needs a man to protect her at every step, but she knows her limitations and when heavy fighting ensues, she knows when to get out of the way."

-- Biker, Amazon

"what a great Book..I read over 1000 romance books over time..mostly Historical and Paranormal romance..I read good ones and not so good ones.....this will be a keeper..well done.."

-- Icebear, Amazon

"Very enjoyable. Classically written with classical characters that you can cheer for. Definitely a nice change of pace from the sometimes overly crudeness of other fantasy romances."

Kaitlin, Amazon

"This book was awesome. I stayed up till 4am reading it. The pacing is perfect, you get to a spot where you said "alright i think i'll be done when this chapter is over" and then by the end of the chapter you turn the page and shout "i can't stop there! i HAVE to know what happens next!!" and this repeated, gosh, maybe 5 times. I was on a roller coaster ride of plot twists and emotions and when the book was over with I was happy with the ride. The characters were real and easy to sympathize with."

Relken, Amazon

"I got A Sense of Duty as a free download for my Kindle and I have to admit to being intrigued from the beginning! I adore all things medieval, so I really hoped this book would live up to my expectations and it sure did. ... A Sense of Duty is full of twists and turns - some expected, many not. There is just too much to try to cover in a quick book review! But if you like romance (not steamy stuff, but stories of finding your true love) and you like Medieval or Regency novels, I really think you will enjoy this one. I could barely put it down! I give Lisa Shea's book 4.5 out of 5 stars!"

Allison, GoodReads

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