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Believing Your Eyes was the ninth medieval novel I was publishing. So Debi Gardiner of Gardiner Design had already completed eight novel covers for me at this point -

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So then we began the process of refining the oil lamp image for this one. I began with a general description to Debi of what I wanted. It should be an oil lamp in the same look-and-feel as the previous ones. She sent me these images as starting points.

believing your eyes

believing your eyes

I liked the general idea, but the top of an oil lamp is its lid :). The flame comes out of the open mouth. I also wanted the oil lamp to have blue all the way around it. That is, I didn't want the oil lamp "touching" the gold ring side.

believing your eyes

I liked the double flame, representing Lucia and Stephen both being the lights to keep their lands safe. The name "Lucia" means "light". But I wasn't sure about the large swirl as the decoration on the lamp. I asked her to try other decorative options including dots. I adore Japanese teapots with dots on them. Also, with this being his crest, on an actual banner, I asked her to try it with a plain blue background.

believing your eyes

We're getting closer here, but the designs are still not quite what I wanted. I asked her to try a row of smaller swirls, and a row of smaller dots.

believing your eyes

We're really close now. I asked her to focus specifically on a row of dots and on a row of light swirls.

believing your eyes

At this point I was equally fond of both of them, and put out both images to my Facebook and Twitter pages for a vote. The vote came in 2 to 1 that people wanted the one with dots, rather the one with swirls. Dots it was!

Believing Your Eyes - A Medieval Romance

I highly recommend Debi for any graphic projects you might have!

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