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Believing Your Eyes - A Medieval Romance A warning of course - this FAQ will have spoilers in it! It's wise not to read this page until you've finished reading the novel.

Lucia's Rape Scene
This is the only novel I've written where a female character is raped in the storyline. There are two others where I have them endure a rape before the story picks up, and that rape affects how they interact with others. In this one, though, it is a critical part of how she relates to the main male character. When I first wrote this novel I was a teenager. I had a great deal of dialogue from the doctor, talking to the other characters, discussing how traumatic rape was and how they would have to support and care for her as she healed. How she would take a long time to recover from it and they had to be there for her.

Over the years, as I polished and re-polished the novel, the dialogue felt less and less natural. Rape, while sad, was something that happened. Lily had already been raped. It was a disturbing but not uncommon fact of life just as assault and childhood death were. So Stephen and Anna and Ellie wouldn't need a long sermon on how emotionally distressing this would be for someone. They would know. So finally I moved that entire dialogue into a simple "murmuring from the other room" for Lucia. It was hard to cut out an entire scene, but I felt it was best for the reader.

Lucia's Argument with Evan
When I first wrote this story, the child COULD have been either Stephen's or Ian's. It would have been quite valid to be either one. Ian was not thought to be impotent. When Lucia gets into her argument with Evan, and is flung onto the table, it causes her to miscarry. She makes it to the edge of the cliff, and she miscarries there. She can tell from its dark hair that it is Stephen's, and she buries it and puts his ring on the grave. Stephen then finds it, and then goes after her. So they begin their new life together with that tragedy. It also makes her medical situation more tense at the end, in that she's in serious harm of death, and not just 'fell in the water' exhausted.

However, over the years of polishing, I thought I'd already done enough traumatic things to her and this was just too much for fate to throw at her. I rewrote it so that she did not lose the child.

I would love your feedback on the characters and storyline!

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