Lisa's Thoughts on Believing Your Eyes

Believing Your Eyes - A Medieval Romance Believing Your Eyes was the second book I ever wrote, back when I was in high school. The first one had been Badge of Honor which had been heavily based on my love for Lord of the Rings and other related novels. Once I had finished writing that story down, I began to have a fresh story form in my head. This one was not based on anything at all, so in a way it was my first "fully independent" story. Of course it could be said that the main character, Stephen, was very similar to Aragorn, but it's probably fair to say that I am so fond of Aragorn that many of my heroes have his traits in them :).

In the original version the two main characters were Leslie and Stephen, based on my two good friends at the time. However, Leslie is a Scottish name that only came into being centuries later. So I had to change that to Lucia.

I would love your feedback on the characters and storyline!

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