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Creating Memories was the third medieval novel I wrote. While I was creating and reviewing these first novels, I would create covers for my own pleasure, using myself as a model and photos I had taken as the background. For Creating Memories, the background I chose was a twisted set of roots and trees that I had photographed near Stonehenge, England. I loved the sense that it gave of her memories and thoughts - that they were tangled, confusing, and beyond her understanding.

Creating Memories - A Medieval Romance

I like how the heroine is looking off into the distance, doing her best to see through the chaos, but not finding any answers.

When it came time to self publish the books, Creating Memories was the fourth book in the series to be published. My designer Debi Gardiner and I had already created the first three books and designed an overall look and feel for the series. We knew we wanted an iconic image from this story to feature in our gold ring layout.

I immediately thought of the forget-me-not flower. The focus of this story is on Storm's memories and how they shape her character and actions. She wears a forget-me-not ring on her finger, a reminder of her vow to herself. The flower's symbolism balances against her clean slate mind and all that represents.

A challenge was that Debi and I had established a beautiful blue background for the previous three stained glass images -

Seeking the Truth Knowing Yourself A Sense of Duty

A forget-me-not is a blue flower. We needed to find a way to have a blue flower stand out against a background. Debi did a series of mock-ups for me that showed the flower on other backgrounds, in addition to our chosen blue.

Creating Memories - A Medieval Romance

I adored the forget-me-not flower she created. This flower has a very distinctive shape and she nailed it, from the gently blue petals to the yellow center and the white spiral. In addition, I found that her rich blue background just had a hold on me. I couldn't imagine doing the cover with any other color background.

So now we had to get the blue flower to be more visible against that blue background. Debi worked on changing the shading on the flower, while also gently curving the petals.

Creating Memories - A Medieval Romance

I loved the color of the middle flower, with its robins-egg feel. However, the one on the far right really "popped" as far as being very visible and standing out against the blue background. The pale blue here had almost an ethereal quality to it. I loved it. It was just "hinted at" - much like Storm's memories which are only glimpses and faint hints.

The only remaining tweak was to give the forget-me-not petals a bit more of a classic "roundness". That way the flower would be immediately recognized as a forget-me-not at a glance. Forget-me-nots are classic flowers found through much of medieval literature, with their five rounded petals in gentle blue hues. They represent love, loyalty, holding on to a vow despite all odds. Blue is the color of loyalty. The flower itself provides a wealth of symbolism.

This cover was the fastest one we completed - from start to finish it took just over a single day!

Creating Memories - A Medieval Romance

I highly recommend Debi for any graphic projects you might have! GardinerDesign.com

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