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Creating Memories - A Medieval Romance Creating Memories was the third medieval romance novel I wrote, and the first one written with the intention of being a novel. The first two - Badge of Honor and Believing your Eyes - were created as epic fantasies to occupy my time. When they were evolving they weren't novels, they were simply my daydreams. When I got to Creating Memories, I now had those first two written down and was thinking more in novel terms with my imaginings.

So it's interesting that it was the third one I wrote, and it was the fourth one I ended up releasing. It was my first "early novel" I felt comfortable in presenting to the public.

A key image for me with Creating Memories was the heroine riding hard through the night, her hair streaming out behind her, leaving behind a desperate situation. In my original version of the story, this is where it all began. All of her history was then told as flashbacks. However, since she loses her memory very quickly, those flashbacks have to be told before she loses her memory, and it got challenging to manage. I finally had to give in and allow that riding scene to come after the first chapter. I still wish it was able to be the opening image.

I love researching how memory works. There are a variety of fascinating stories involving people who have memory loss, and how it affects their sense of self. For example, read about Henry Gustav Molaison who, after surgery, could not learn ANYTHING new. Every morning when he woke up it was as if he were waking up in the 1950s. It is sort of similar to the movie "50 First Dates". But unlike the heroine of that movie, even in a given day he couldn't build new memories. So he could undergo something traumatic in a given day, and the next morning he would be "reset" to his 1950s self. It gives one pause. Just how much of what we are is due to the memories we carry with us? If some of those memories went away, would our personality therefore be different?

What if we had an abusive relationship in the past, and therefore every new person we dated was treated with suspicion. Anything they said and did would be viewed through that lens. But then imagine if all memory of that abusive relationship were erased. How would we change? Would we now be able to have a contented, happy relationship without those lingering concerns?

Memory is a fascinating topic, and I greatly enjoyed exploring it in this story.

I would love to hear your feedback on the story!

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