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Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance This page has spoilers on it. It goes into the details of content found in my Finding Peace novel. In general, all of my novels are gentle in their descriptions of intimate situations and violence.

Intimate Relationships
Elizabeth, the heroine in Finding Peace is pure. She had an abusive fiance but got away from him. She falls in love with Richard instead. When her choice is to marry her cruel fiance, she instead finds a way to have an "old style" wedding with Richard. That is, they pledge their love to each other and then sleep together. This is then recognized as a lawful wedding.

She is a virgin when they have that ceremony, and Richard cautions here that there will be a slight pain. So that is mentioned, but that is the extent of the detail that is explicit.

Other than that one encounter, there is only kissing between Elizabeth and Richard.

Elizabeth is a strong swords-woman who was raised by an abusive father. She still shoulders the anger he created in her. So there are scenes of her fiance sparring with her, where she is being hurt. This is something she learns to move beyond. The scene describes her being bruised, with gentle details. The reader knows what is happening without excessive detail.

All ages drank alcohol in medieval times, as the alcohol served as a natural sanitizer for the liquids. Alcohol is mentioned in the story, always within a context of normal life.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the specifics of this novel.

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