About the Finding Peace Cover

Finding Peace's cover had a very interesting evolution. When I first started thinking about a cover for Finding Peace, I had featured the heroine, Elizabeth, in a crimson dress. I seem to have an affinity for crimson. So I went out looking on the web for medieval English flowers which were crimson in color. I wanted a flower image for the story. And also, floral scent figured in the storyline. However, flower after flower that I found had not been native in England in the middle ages.

Then I happened across a crimson columbine and it was gorgeous. It was just what I wanted. But it turns out that crimson would have been a very bizarre color for columbine in medieval England. They came, more naturally, in a purple-violet - and that color was even more beautiful. It was just what I wanted.

So I then went back through the story and changed the color of her dress, and changed the flowers to columbines. Suddenly the storyline was much more rich.

Even more intersting, when I now looked at the series of covers in a row, I realized I had subconsciously created a rainbow! My first novels had red covers, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and now violet. Amazing how things work out.

So Debi, my graphic artist, began with the base idea of a columbine.

Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance

I wanted the middle petals to be pure white against the purple background ones, and on the actual flower the inner purple is just the transparency of the white flower - it's not another layer. So I wanted to make that more clear. Also, the inner yellow is made up of lots of little yellow dots, so I wanted to give that impression.

Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance

We were nearly there with this set! I liked the dots in the bottom right flower, and asked for variations on that theme to look at.

Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance

The bottommost flower was it! I love it, and this is one of my favorite images out of all of my novels. I feel it really "pops" even at the tiny thumbnail size that most Kindle owners will see it at.

This was one of our fastest covers ever - within 24 hours Debi had created the perfect cover that I absolutely adored. She is now so in tune with what I'm looking for that she can read my mind :)

Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance

I highly recommend Debi for any graphic projects you might have! GardinerDesign.com

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