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Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance WARNING: These are questions asked by readers of Looking Back. These answers contain spoilers! Make sure that you have read Looking Back before reading this page, so that the plot is not revealed to you prematurely :)

Was it hard to write about how Corwin treats Elizabeth?
Corwin is definitely the most deliberately abusive man I have written about in my series of medieval novels. This was the eighth book I published. By this point I had published seven books for the purpose of supporting battered women's shelters. I had heard from many women who were in the situation of being with a man who treated them poorly, but they found it hard to leave. I could understand that challenge. There was the knowledge that what was going on was wrong. But interwoven with that was often the sense that "somehow I deserve this" - that something I did in the past made it a reasonable action for him to take. The human brain does everything it can to cope with a situation. It creates a "story" for any challenge, to try to explain why it is happening.

It was very important to me, therefore, with this book to try to address that. Elizabeth is an intelligent woman. And at the same time, she feels there must be some reason for why she is being treated poorly. Her mind struggles to cope with what is going on. It starts to figure that maybe she deserves to be hurt. Millions of women around the world are abused every day. Their minds somehow have to make sense of it. They often figure that, somehow, there is a reason it is going on.

My fervent hope is to help show every woman that it CANNOT be their fault that they are being hurt. No person should ever be hurt. It is absolutely always the fault of the person who causes the harm, that they are choosing to harm another person. There is always another option. There is always the choice of not causing harm.

I would love to hear your feedback on the story!

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