Lisa's Thoughts on Finding Peace

Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance Finding Peace was the tenth novel I wrote. In order of release, I decided to release it eighth. I had already written nine novels up to this point, and my focus on helping battered women became stronger as I went. By the time I got to writing this novel, I had talked with many women who were in abusive relationships and who felt - at some level - that this is what they deserved. They felt it was somewhat their fault that they were being hit. They stayed in the relationship rather than leave it. They felt there was no good man out there who could love them.

I wrote this novel for those women. I wanted to show them that there was an option to being in an abusive relationship. There are many wonderful men out there who are quite opposed to violence against women. No person deserves to be hit. Hitting is never a healthy part of a relationship. I hoped this novel could help those women start to see the options in life, that there is a way to deal with anger, and that there are ways to defuse and to get away from violent people.

I would love to hear your feedback on the story!

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