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In A Glance - A Medieval Romance Here are what the readers of In A Glance - a Medieval Romance are saying!

Another good story with a strong heroine from Ms Lisa Shea! This is her latest novel, and the third I've read from her.

I always forget to mention this in my reviews when it comes to her stories, the research she has done for her works are impressive and I could clearly picture the surroundings. She writes with attention to details and it helps.

Ms Shea is well versed about medieval times and there's always some vocab and notes at the end, which I appreciate.

I want to focus on the story and its many twists and turns. Nothing is at it seems. I was kept on my toes until the end. The main characters, while skilled, aren't invincible and I like that Ms Shea is not afraid to hurt her protagonists.

Well done for the way she wrote of antagonists 'cause they really grated on my nerves. Death is too kind for them and I was glad Joan and Hugh's efforts weren't in vain.

It's not exactly a whirlwind romance because they have wanted each other for so long.

They have corresponded through the years without knowing it and I'm amazed at the medieval covert ops.

This love story wasn't easy, the best ones never are.

-- CJ / Amazon Reader

Another fun book by Lisa Shea. She always throws an interesting twist in rght at the end! I really enjoy her stories.

-- Erica / Amazon Reader

Excellent character definition building and nice to have a book that isn't soft porn but is about the romance and right and wrong

-- LuvAmazon / AmazonReader

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