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In A Glance - A Medieval Romance Here are my thoughts on In A Glance - A Medieval Romance. I'll avoid spoilers!

This was my twelvth medieval novel, so I was looking to push the boundaries a bit and explore a topic I hadn't delved into before. The crusades were an extremely important part of this time period and while I'd had several of my heroes spend time at the crusades (as most men in this time period would have) I'd never had a heroine involved. So that was my impetus here - to have the heroine also swept up in this massive set of international activity which was going on.

It was common for there to be female hanger-ons with the troops, in a variety of roles. Some were wives, some were cooks, some were prostitutes, some were healers. Some were involved with clothing. So women were a quite important part of the crusades process.

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