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Knowing Yourself - A Medieval Romance For those who want more details on the specific content found in Knowing Yourself, this page has the details. Be warned, there are spoilers on this page! In general, all of my novels are gently written in terms of descriptions of intimate encounters and violence. This book here is one of the most mild in terms of those things.

Intimate Relationships
Kay is definitely pure throughout this book, from start to finish. She is planning to get married and is examining her potential partners. She is drawn to one of them, but they don't even kiss until near the end of the book. The two scenes of them kissing in relief after a traumatic situation are the only times they are in contact with each other. Then the story goes to their wedding, and ends there.

There is one scene where one of the potential suitors attempts to pressure her into sex, but he only gets to the kissing stage before she fights him off.

Kay tends to dive into situations without thinking. She is injured fairly regularly. She hurts one leg trying to rescue a colt, hurts another trying to fight a traitor, and is hit in the face by one of the suitors. Each injury is described enough so that the reader knows what is happening, without excessive detail.

All medieval people drank alcohol - the alcohol acted as a natural sanitizer. This was a time period where milk was not pasteurized, for example. So the characters do drink ale and mead, but it is always in a context of a normal part of life.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the specifics of this novel.

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