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Knowing Yourself - A Medieval Romance Knowing Yourself is a light-hearted romp in the style of the Bachelorette. A feisty young woman with a love of horses adores her sea-side keep. Her father insists she have a man at her side to help with its defense. And so begin the games, where five eligible, handsome bachelors vie for her hand.

"The setting is intriguing: a lonely stone keep on edge of the sea. Kay is a bright, clever swordswoman and is very likable. There is quite a bit of welcome humor in this tale (particularly with Kay's sister), and the explorations of each man's worth is interestingly explored. The action ramps up towards the end in a gripping climax. Since I prefer my romance stories with a strong element of adventure, I was happy with how the story plays out." -- Jill Florio, Amazon

"After reading this book, which at first glance seemed a silly and shallow topic, and seeing how the author weaved in psychology, personality types, values and morals, and sweet love, I trust the author's storytelling style. The author is clearly an intelligent, creative, thoughtful and moral person. And a truly talented author!!" -- Chani, Amazon

"Enjoyable read with action and adventure and romance. Loved the characters and the sisters who pulled it together." -- Rebecca, Amazon

"'Knowing Yourself' was the first Medieval Romance novel I have read. In fact, in the past I have avoided this genre in general thinking that I would be bored to death. I decided to branch out, and I am extremely glad I did. The characters instantly drew me in. I found myself rooting for Kay to choose one of the suitors in-particular! The depth of the characters was wonderful. For my first medieval novel, and I must add I have a very minimal understanding of medieval times, I did not feel confused trying to understand the scenery or language of medieval times. Lisa painted a crystal clear picture. I feel as though I not only enjoyed a lovely novel but learned about medieval times as well. I look forward to reading more of Lisa's books." -- Matt, Amazon

" ... I especially appreciated Kay and Em's amusement with the arrangement at the beginning; they were very pragmatic about the suitors. I only picked this one up on a whim but now I feel like reading Lisa's other stories as well!" -- Rachel, GoodReads

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