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Lady in Red - A Medieval Romance This page has spoilers in it! It describes the content of Lady in Red for those who want to know more about these areas. In general all of my stories are gently written - they do not contain explicit details of encounters or violence.

Intimate Relationships
The heroine, Jessame, has disguised herself as a prostitute in order to figure out who killed her dear friend who had also been a prostitute. That being said, she does not actually become intimate with anybody until her hero finally returns fully to her. The scenes until then are more of flirtation.

For example, a 15 year old boy is dared to go visit her. She instead talks with him about fishing for a while then sends him on his way. A man arrives to force her, and her hero storms in to save her.

Eventually her hero - a man she has loved since she was quite young - returns to her side. She is pure when she finally reunites with him. They then marry soon after.

There are several fights in the novel, but none are graphic in nature. They are described enough that the reader knows what is going on, without excessive detail.

Alcohol was a normal part of medieval life; the alcohol made beverages safe to drink. There is drinking mentioned, but not to excess.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the specifics of this novel.

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