Lisa's Thoughts on Lady in Red

Lady in Red - A Medieval Romance Lady in Red was the tenth of my initial ten novels I worked on. By this point several of my storylines had involved women doing all the 'right' things for noble causes. I was drawn to creating a character who did quite the wrong things.

In Lady in Red, the heroine Jessame goes in a direction absolutely denigrated by her society at the time. She becomes a fallen woman, a prostitute. Her best friend has been slain, and as Sabina was a prostitute, the sheriff has little interest in following up on the murder. Jessame is incensed by this and decides to take matters into her own hands.

I love that she wants no help at all in her quest. I also love that she feels she can stand quite ably on her own two feet, even while things are crashing down around her. She's not waiting for a man to come rescue her. She feels she can do quite nicely on her own.

But what life teaches us is that we all need each other, and it is with the support and love of each other that we can reach our greatest heights. Yes, it can involve risk, and heartache, but in the end it is well worth it.

I would love your feedback on the characters and storyline!

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