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Looking Back - A Medieval Romance This page has spoilers in it! It describes the content of Looking Back for those who want to know more about these areas. In general all of my stories are gently written - they do not contain explicit details of encounters or violence.

Intimate Relationships
The story begins with the heroine, Kath, an innocent girl in her mid-teens, in love with her beau. The story then jumps to several years later, after she has been abducted by pirates. She was raped in those intervening years. However, none of that is ever described. She has healed and moved on. The story is about how a woman can find her strength even when life strives to hurt her.

Her beau, Roger, thought she ran off on him. So he lost himself in wine and women. Much of the story is about how they both heal from those wounds done to them when they were younger.

There are scenes of Roger and Kath coming together again, but they are not explicitly described. It is more about her hesitance and nervousness, and his willingness to be patient.

There are several fights in the novel, but none are graphic in nature. They are described enough that the reader knows what is going on, without excessive detail.

Roger has turned to alcohol as his way to dull the pain of his beloved abandoning him without a word. He thought she did it deliberately. As he heals, he puts that behind him.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the specifics of this novel.

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