Looking Back Cover

Looking Back was the fifth novel that we worked on designing a cover for. By this point we had the layout and look-and-feel of the covers fairly set. I knew I wanted a cat on the cover for this, to go with Kath's namesake and history. I was completely open to how this cat would look and its coloring.

Debi has an amazing cat alphabet that she's created, and we looked through those letters. She was thinking maybe we could use something similar to the letter "V" in her alphabet.

Looking Back - A Medieval Romance

All of a sudden I realized with the title of "Looking Back" that the cat should be looking back over its shoulder! I had wanted the cat to look to the right, but no matter how I stared at images, any cat looking to the right seemed as if it was looking forward. The only way the cat looked as if it were "looking back" was if it looked to the left. So we started on images that did that.

Looking Back - A Medieval Romance

As much as I wanted a close up view so the cat was instantly recognizable as a cat even at tiny thumbnail size, it just didn't have the same "looking back" feeling at that small size. The cat just looked like it was looking off to the side. So we tried some full length cats.

Looking Back - A Medieval Romance

That was much better! I love posture of the cat. She's alert, ready, facing forward, but she is drawn to the past, drawn to look behind her. Her tail is curled protectively around her toes, drawing her within. The tawny / gold color mirrors the blonde heroine; her favorite dress is a buttercup colored dress. I also liked the sturdy nature of the cat. She was ready to take on any challenge, was strong and courageous.

The only remaining tweak was to the ears. The ears had a tall, Egyptian Goddess feel to it. In comparison, my heroine was not on a pedestal. She was a down to earth girl, grew up as a fisherman's daughter, and was content to get into a rough and tumble fight to save innocent children. I wanted the cat's image to reflect that.

Here's our final design!

Looking Back - A Medieval Romance

I highly recommend Debi for any graphic projects you might have! GardinerDesign.com

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