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Looking Back - A Medieval Romance Looking Back, the seventh novel I wrote, was the first one I wrote with full knowledge that I would be self publishing it. I was free of all constraints of trying to please a review board.

It's perhaps telling that Looking Back is also the first novel to feature a "normal every day" woman as the heroine. Until now the heroines had been members of a fairly wealthy family. With Looking Back, I now was happy to have an average, every day woman in a fishing family. She gets captured by pirates and her life becomes turned completely upsiide-down.

This also becomes one of my more dark stories as a result. Most of my heroines undergo some threat in their process of achieving their goals, but Kath certainly shoulders more than her fair share. It takes her time and effort to rebuild her life.

I love that she is careful and methodical as a result. She doesn't leap to conclusions. It's not that she assumes the worst - but she certainly doesn't expect the best outcome. She shields herself from danger. It's what she's had to do.

This novel involves some of the more noteworthy character changes along the way. The characters begin the story with entrenched views of the world, caused by the suffering they have gone through. They have to climb out of that dark hole, inch by finger-burning inch, to get to the light again.

I imagine it's fairly clear that a basis for this storyline is the famous Irish folk song, "She Moved Through the Fair". The origin of this song is unknown, and I like to think that its roots can be found in medieval times.

I would love your feedback on the characters and storyline!

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