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Seeking the Truth - A Medieval Romance Be warned, there are spoilers on this page! In general all of my novels are "gently phrased" - no explicit descriptions are given of fighting or of intimate relationships. This page provides more detail on what is described in Seeking the Truth, for those who are interested in that level of information.

Intimate Relationships
In general Morgan is the feistiest of my heroines. She loves to flirt and spend time with men. It's never explicitly stated if she's pure or not before she ends up with Sean, but there is a sense that she might not be. She flirts heavily with him, and some with the other men. Sean and she are in bed, still clothed, just kissing, when the plot turns and they are pulled apart.

Then, when Morgan is undertaking an undercover operation in a seedy bar, the bar owner attempts to rape her. He does lay a hand on her breast, but that is as far as he gets before he is stopped.

Morgan and Sean do end up sleeping together before their handfasting. Their times together are described in a "whirlwind of clothes" way, with gentle allusions to them becoming lost in the pleasure. No explicit words or descriptions or body parts are mentioned.

Morgan is a bodyguard and she enjoys swordfighting. The main combat scene does involve her hand being stabbed with a stiletto. It is described in gentle terms, so it is clear what happens without gory details.

In medieval times, everyone drank alcohol, even kids. The alcohol acted as a natural sanitizer which was necessary. There was no pasteruization of milk at the time. This particular story is a bit more alcohol-heavy than most of mine, as Morgan turns to alcohol to hide from her past. Her process of healing from that is part of the story's roots.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the specifics of this novel.

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