Seeking the Truth on Kindle

I adore my Kindle, which I bought the day they first came out. When the Kindle Fire was announced, I prebought that as well. I absolutely wanted to publish my novels on the Kindle platform.

The Kindle is an amazing system. When I try to publish to Apple and Barnes & Noble's stores, it can literally take a week before they review the items and put them live. With the Kindle, it is only hours before my book goes live in their system! So if I spot an issue with the formatting, caused by the MOBI conversion process, I can fix it and reload it quickly. That's very reassuring for an author!

Here are the images of my first book, Seeking the Truth, on both the original Kindle and on the Kindle Fire.

First, the first generation of the original e-ink Kindle.

Kindle Reader Seeking the Truth

This only shows black and white images, but it will show a graphic cover.

Here's the same book on the Kindle Fire, which is full color and backlit.

Kindle Fire Seeking the Truth

I am so happy that I worked with Debi Gardiner of to create these covers. It hadn't even occurred to me when we created the covers to think about what it would look like in black and white. That never even entered my mind. Fortunately, she is such an amazing designer that the cover looks gorgeous in black and white, and even more amazing in glowing, back-lit color! It's as if the stained glass has sunbeams streaming through it!

I'm immensely pleased with the whole Kindle publishing process. It's easy, it's quick, and I love reading on my Kindle. I would much rather have a Kindle book than a physical one cluttering up the house.

Let me know if you have any questions about either Kindle!

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