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Seeking the Truth - A Medieval Romance Seeking the Truth is a high spirited romp of a novel. Morgan is a take-no-prisoners medieval heroine who meets her match when she comes up against Sean. Here are some reviews of this novel!

" ... It's like a medieval romance thriller! I was pleasantly surprised by the creative angle in how the situation developed. The climax scene was extraordinarily satisfying - a good payoff for the slow set-up. Recommended to readers who enjoy authentically researched medieval stories, thrillers featuring a female action hero, and anyone who loves 'romantic' romance writing." --Jill Florio / Amazon Reviewer

" ... I enjoyed this read. It was different enough to keep your attention and have you wanting to be a little like Morgan. Strong women are to be admired especially when they can be soft enough for a man to love in return." --Rebecca Graf / Amazon Reviewer

"Enjoyed this, the MFC is interesting and a woman beyond her time. She fights so hard against the urge she feels for the MMC. Well described and vivid. Would recommend this." --Alexandra Butcher / GoodReads reviewer

"... I really liked Morgan's character. She is the daughter of a blacksmith and her father taught her how to fight with swords, knifes, etc." --Megan / GoodReads reviewer

"... When an author makes me really cry, the book gets 5 stars. That's just the way it is. This one did that, exactly in the best possible spot, with a marvelous twist. Brava!" -- Richard / GoodReads reviewer

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