Holiday Launch Celebration!

After ten years of preparation, Lisa Shea will be launching the publishing of her medieval romance novels with a fantastic triple offer! Three novels in three weeks, for $3 each!

Lisa Shea Medieval Romance Holiday Launch On December 1st, December 8th, and December 15th, 2011, Lisa will release her first three novels as holiday relief for stressed readers around the globe! Each ebook will be released with a list price of $3. The books are the perfect way to take a break from Christmas challenges, find a retreat from the Hanukkah hassles, and tuck into your own personal oasis where happy endings really do exist.

To add to the holiday spirit, Lisa is donating ALL PROCEEDS - yes, 100% of all money made - to Battered Women charities!

From Lisa:

Since my books have a world wide audience, here's the plan! As readers purchase their books, they will write me with what state or country they live in. I'll tally up the locations. I will do this throughout the month of December. The top five states or countries will win! Each location will get a fifth of the money, donated to the best Battered Women's organization in the location.

I'll be using - a charity rating organization - to determine which Battered Women's organization received the highest quality rating and therefore gets the check.

Supporting battered women is a topic very dear to me. I believe strongly that every woman deserves to be treated with respect, cared for with tender affection, and should have a safe haven to turn to no matter what circumstances caused her to get into the dangerous situation. I hope, with my books, that I help to demonstrate that worthy men always treat their loved ones with honor.

Together we can bring an end to domestic violence!

I would love to hear your feedback on my triple release plan!

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