Trusting in Faith Cover

Trusting in Faith was the tenth medieval romance novel I published. By now artist extrodinaire Debi Gardiner of Gardiner Design was a master at creating covers I adored. She had already hand-crafted nine for me:

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So Debi was well in tune with the style I adored and the look and feel. For Trusting in Faith, the symbol was a wolf - powerful, focused, and protective. I found a variety of wolf images that appealed to me and asked her to do a front-face image based on those.

Wolves have both blue and amber eyes, so she did a range of designs for me.

Trusting in Faith Medieval Wolf

I greatly preferred the amber eyes. I also wanted to give the wolf a more "focused" brow. Rather than have the lines slant up towards the center of the brow, I wanted the lines to slant down, towards the bridge of the nose.

Trusting in Faith Medieval Wolf

Getting lovely! I wanted to hone the look to give it more of a "rough" look. The wolf still looked a little too puppy-dog for me :). So I had her make the nose more lean. I had her add lines around the eyes to create that focused look. She also played with the ruff around the neck and tried different styles of ears.

Trusting in Faith Medieval Wolf

We were narrowing it down now. We went with two styles to choose from, with one set having more elf-like ears.

Trusting in Faith Medieval Wolf

And here we are with the final version!

Trusting in Faith Medieval Wolf

I highly recommend Debi for any graphic projects you might have!

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