Lisa's Thoughts on Trusting in Faith

Trusting in Faith - A Medieval Romance Trusting in Faith was the fourth novel I wrote, in terms of actual sequence of initial creation. I grew up in several blended families. First, I had a full sister who was two years younger than me. Next, my mother divorced, remarried, and we grew up with a stepsister and stepbrother visiting our household multiple times a week. My father also remarried and had a son and daughter with his new wife. So there were a wide variety of sibling relationships, sibling rivalry, and interactions. I was the eldest of the six of us, and often it fell to me to be the babysitter, the one to watch over the others, and the one to take responsibility if things went wrong.

It seemed natural for me to explore the challenges of sibling relationships in one of my stories!

I would love your feedback on the characters and storyline!

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