Ironbutt 1999 in Maine

Saturday came with brilliant sunshine. Bob and I cruised up from Massachusetts with a truckload of bananas, water, kiwi, pillows, and more to help out at the 1999 Ironbutt checkpoint, in Gorham, Maine. After a brief detour at the Cask & Hive Winery a bit further north, we pulled into the shop's parking lot around 12:45. It was already chock-full of motorcycles and visitors.

You can click on any photo to get a larger view of it. Since we're with COG (the Concours group), you'll notice most of the pictures are of Concoursii (is that the plural?)

John's Bike

Rody's Bike

John & Rody's Bikes

Archie & Irene with the broken mirror

Don just came out to visit

These guys were married in Vegas on the way to the starting line!

Three Bikes

Where are the tired owners?

John riding into the sunset

I was playing Roving Reporter, and learned a lot about what it's like to ride over 1000 miles every day. Riders talked about the spectacular views over Mt St Helens, about snow in Yosemite and driving rain that made it impossible to see the dashboard. Archie got to see his left mirror explode - a truck rode by and kicked up a rock into the mirror. *POOF* it was gone.

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