Kancamagus Highway, NH
ST-1300 Motorcycle

The last time we'd been to New Hampshire on a motorcycle, we'd ridden our Concours to the top of Mount Washington. What an adventure that was!

This time it was a beautifully sunny day and we began our trip in Manchester, NH. We decided to ride northwards, cross the Kancamagus Highway, loop through Maine and return back down to Massachusetts.

We wound our way up a series of squiggly roads, always heading northwards. One of the best parts was Route 118, which is a windy, wooded road with few travellers.

Eventually we hit Lincoln and grabbed some lunch. Then it was east, towards Maine, across one of the most beautiful passes in New England! This is the Kancamagus Highway, stretching in the mountaintops of New Hampshire. Here are four photos of the ST-1300 on the road.

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Once across, we headed across to Portland, Maine, and then southwards. Eventually we hit Kittery, Maine, home of outlet stores and seafood restaurants. We stopped in her to grab some fish and rest a while, then it was back on the road to our home in Massachusetts. It was certainly a fun day of riding!

Total distance: 420 miles

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