The Honda ST1300

We had so much fun on our Concours that we wanted to step up to a newer bike that was also built for long distance travel and curvy roads. After a lot of investigation we found that the Honda ST1300 perfectly fit our needs!

Here are March 2003 pictures of the bike.

Notes from 2008 from my boyfriend:

Heat was noticeable, but never a problem since I almost always wear good cycling pants when I ride. It can be a little warm with jeans on a hot day, and I would never ride with shorts to find out. I suspect that those who have made the expenditure to get the fuel flow remapped will have it a bit cooler than with the stock injection map which is set lean for best fuel economy. Lean engines tend to run hotter.

The top case is factory Honda. I'm not sure about current availability, but we had to order it from England since it was only made available by Honda to the European market. In Europe, the ST1300 is the big tourer for their market. I guess they thought it might take away from GoldWing sales if they sold them in the US.

At 5'10" and a 30" inseam, I would look hard at the alternatives before buying this if I had it to do over again, but only for the height of the bike. The performance has been fine.

More notes, about the snow:

That was a one-time thing when I was picking up the bike from the dealer. Yes, the roads can be quite good here as snow is a normal fact of life, but I wouldn't generally consider riding in conditions where there might be snow or ice on the road anywhere.

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