Lisa & Bob's Feast Virginia Concours Gathering:
July 2000

In 2000, the Concours Owners Group (COG) decided to do a 3-part gathering. The third (final) stage was in Virginia, so we decided to meet up with everybody there.

The drive down was beautiful, going along Skyline Drive in Virginia. We saw a ton of dear along the road, and some in the road. You had to drive slowly because you never knew if a corner would end up with you face to face with a large deer. You'd also come around corners and find cars stopped because the driver was gawking at a stag at the side of the road.

We eventually got down to the campground where everybody was staying - we were down in the 'marshy' area. We set up the tent, but the weather was unseasonably cold and we didn't have heavy enough blankets. So I started to catch a cold.

The next day was meeting people at the hotel, and the dinner that night was a lot of fun. We even won a hand-made metal kickstand-rest! But I started running a fever, which got higher and higher. We stayed in a motel that night, and the next day headed home.

By this point I had walking pneumonia and was quite out of it. We went slowly, stopping every hour or so, filling me with fluids. I slept during the breaks. Eventually we got me back home, and it took me two weeks to recover! Next time we'll be sure to pack extra blankets, just in case!

Bob on Skyline Drive with the Concours

Lisa on Skyline Drive

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