Clipping Parakeet Wings and Other Safety Questions

I once had a parakeet owner write me saying, "Why don't you clip your parakeets' wings? It's too dangerous to let them fly." This question addresses the safety issue from completely the wrong end! Your primary task as the owner of a parakeet is to make their environment safe, not have to "restrict the bird" for its own good. Clipping a birds' wings is no substitute for substantive safety precautions.

No matter how well you clip a parakeet's wings, they can still get around their area. Many owners become laid back in their tending of the parakeet figuring it is "hobbled". But very quickly, parakeets learn how to use their shortened wings to glide, and as the wings grow out they are more and more able to get to new locations. You cannot plan for your parakeet NOT being able to get to locations. You have to make your entire home parakeet safe just in CASE your parakeet does indeed get somewhere it does not belong.

I have many Parakeet Safety Tips on how to keep your house parakeet safe. You have a very solemn responsibility, as owner of the parakeet, to keep it safe from harm. A parakeet is like an inquisitive 3 year old. You can't just tell the 3 year old "don't drink that purple liquid, it is deadly." You have to make sure the purple liquid is locked up and not available. In the same manner, you must make sure your home is free of poisons and dangerous surfaces that your parakeet might, however much by mistake, stumble onto.

Bob made this keet-safe play area

Parakeets are meant to roam hundreds of miles through an interesting variety of terrain in their native homelands of Australia. They get new sights, new sounds, new smells. Parakeets are extremely intelligent and will get bored quickly if you just confine them to one small cage in one room for years and years. Think of how much YOU would be unhappy if you were stuck in a cube for your entire life! So once your home is safe, let them out to explore it. Play different music for them, give them new, healthy snacks to eat. Let them hang out with you while you watch TV or play the piano. Your parakeet will thank you for the experiences!

Bob is their Flock Leader

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